Why I ditched the regular toothpaste and switched to sustainable toothpaste

Truly ethical and sustainable brands aren't easy to find.


When first faced with the challenge of making my daily cleaning and hygiene routine entirely sustainable, changing my toothpaste was not the first thing that came to my mind.

Covid-19 has given me more awareness of the products I am using that could be more sustainable. It has also given me more time to spend carefully sifting through all the options online instead of rushing to the shops and choosing what appears to be the most environmentally conscious item stocked in store.

Countless products are guilty of ‘greenwashing’ - a term coined to describe a product which is labelled with terms like ‘organic’ but which in reality is much less environmentally conscious than it claims to be. Online it is easier to check and research ingredients, production processes and the company’s ethical values.

One of the unsustainable products that I knew I had been ignori

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