Kalonji Oil | Black Seed Oil - 50 ml

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Kalonji Oil | Black Seed Oil - 50 ml
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  • Kalonji is not only useful in making pickles but is also beneficial in sugar and joint pain.
  • If you want beautiful skin and strong hair, then this oil is the best.
  • It protects hair from all kinds of bacteria, dirt, and viruses because it has, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory antiviral and anti-bacterial properties.

Kalonji Oil maintains scalp health and serves as a preventive measure against skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema. It's also beneficial in reducing hair loss.

Black Seed Oil is rich in thymoquinone and nigellone, both of which support hair regrowth. This oil comprises over 100 different nutrients that offer essential benefits, making it suitable for various skin types, including oily, dry, and acne-prone skin.

Additionally, Black Seed Oil has demonstrated effectiveness in addressing various health concerns, including blood cancer, cardiovascular diseases, asthma, lung problems, prostate issues, liver ailments, breast cancer, and various skin conditions.

Usage Instructions:

Pour half a teaspoon of the oil into a glass and add 100 milliliters of lukewarm water or milk. Consume this mixture twice a day. If desired, you can add a bit of sugar to enhance the taste. Alternatively, follow the dosage recommended by your physician.

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